Xanstin's Adventurers League


Parnast Under Siege

XP- 1700
GP- 230
DT- 10
R- 1, 2 LA
Players – Ghalani, Lantix, Hermia, Valdain, Burly
Magic Items – Headband of Intellect (Valdain)

Story Awards:

Savior of Parnast. You are always welcome in Parnast, while in town you will not spend any gold on food or lodgeing (lifestyles must still be paid for any downtimes days spent).

Giant Horde Breaker! The tale of your defense of Parnast has spread far and wide. Charisma checks made when dealing with goodly folk who have had trouble with giants in the past are made with advantage. Similarly, any charsima (Deception, Intimidation, or Persuasion) check you make against a non-good-aligned giant is made with disadvantage.


xanstin xanstin

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