Xanstin's Adventurers League


Hartkiller's Horn

XP- 6000
GP- 675
DT- 10
R- 1 (2S H, OG)
Players- Annie, Trevor, Stricks, Tyrr
Magic Items- Dagger of Venom (Tyrr)

Story Awards

Gratitude of Hartkiller. You have claimed the divine spark of the Beast of Talos for Hartkiller and outfitted him for his battle with Jarl Ryndölg. In doing so you have writ your name into his legend. You may choose to spend 50 downtime days spreading word of your and Hartkiller’s inspired deeds in Hartsvale. Upon doing so, you gain the benefit of the Gratitude of Hartkiller story award. This downtime activity may only be performed once.

Gratitude of Hartkiller.
In spreading the truth about the events that unfolded in Hartsvale, you find yourself blessed by the All-Father and gain temporary use of the Lucky feat, except that any expended luck points don’t return. Once all three points have been spent, remove this story award.


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