Xanstin's Adventurers League


Quest for Sporedome

XP- 3000
GP- 850
DT- 5
R- 1
Players – Gauthuk, Trevor, Azair, Stricks

Story Awards

In League with the Seer. You have made a deal with the Sacred Seer—a myconid in the service of Zuggtmoy-to aid in the battle against the giants of Maerimydra. Hopefully, you will not regret this rather foolish choice.

Mmm… Tastes Like Sanity. You are given one small, untreated braincap mushroom. When consumed or administered to someone else as an action, the mushroom acts as a greater restoration, but only as it pertains to reducing the recipient’s madness level to 0. The braincap mushrooms are potent, however, and if you consume more than one per adventure, you immediately gain 1d4 levels of madness (no saving throw). Cross this story reward off of your adventure log when used.


xanstin xanstin

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