Azair'illysro Stormwind

Half-elf (Aquatic) Tempest Cleric Insurgent Sailor, Level 11

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 38
  • Height: 6’ 0’’
  • Weight: 168 lbs.

Standing at six feet, he moves with a fighter’s grace, and despite his elvish blood, he is broad and thickly built. Pointed ears, pale light blue skin and fair features speak to his elvish blood, though he has a thick full beard covering his sharp chin. His beard and hair are dark and wild, his eyes a calm sea of vibrant blue-green. He speaks with a simple and easy going manner, though his eyes betray a hardness in him, as he appraises those he meets with a sharp gaze. Though he seems quite young, his elvish blood makes gauging his actual age difficult. He wears piece-mail heavy steel armor over a simple leather tunic, though thick, neither seems to slow the large man. His clothes are dark green and simple, a thick dark blue cowled cloak rests on his shoulders. His hands are ungloved, his long fingers seem to have thin webbing between them. A two-handed axe is strapped across his back beneath a thick wooden shield and a pair of sharpened steel-tipped javelins. A finely crafted warhammer rests on his belt, within easy reach. A mailed plate gauntlet he wears, bearing an intricate emblem of a dolphin surrounded by waves overlaid atop the star of Corellon, acts as his holy symbol.


His mother was a sailor, she was tough as nails and taught him a great deal about people and how to sail a ship. His father was an aquatic elf she met in her travels, she only knew him for a short time, out on the seas, but he left her with child, and a book about the Corellon and his Exarchs. She grew fascinated with them and passed that onto her son, who grew up hearing stories from that book. A talented swimmer and a natural sailor, he spent more time in the water than out, growing up. When his mother fell ill, she decided to settle in Phlan, her older sister had married a very successful merchant and as a recent widow, was glad for the company. Azair’illysro was young, but he took a job in the harbor, wanting to stay close to his ill mother and still earn his own way. He lived a simple life working with ships, he occasionally practiced with weapons, though he preferred to go fishing or spend time in his garden far more. Then the Vorgansharax came to Phlan and decimated his home, his mother died in the chaos and since then, he has sworn his vengeance upon the foul cult, taking up a weapon in earnest. Then he was captured and imprisoned. Watching the injustices these evil cultists inflicted upon others only strengthened his resolve. He was patient and waited to resist, but when a chance came to escape, Azair’illysro hesitated for a moment, wanting to free others. Fortunately an old friend refused to let him pass up this chance, and pushed him into the water from the transport ship, saving Azair’s life while loosing his own. Azair swam to freedom, but unable to abandon all those he left behind still imprisoned, he sought out the refuge of his fellow survivors and joined the insurgency, determined to fight and do what ever he could.

Azair'illysro Stormwind

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