Triton Sailor Fighter, Level 17


A defender of the depths, Coral began his fighting career battling kraken with his kin to maintain the balance of power in the deep aquatic world. As the tritons began to gain the upper hand over the kraken, Coral was released of his duties to the depths in order to go to the surface world and prepare the humans to defend against the kraken that have begun migrating to the shallower depths in search of easier targets/prey. Arriving at the Sword Coast, Coral became a sailor out of port Waterdeep, joining a kraken hunting ship and instructing them on how best to combat the growing kraken threat in the region.

More recently, Coral had found Hazirawn, a sentient, evil aligned greatsword. Since that fateful day, Hazirawn has been slowly breaking down the morals and selflessness of Coral, causing him to behave erratically and snub others that used to be his friends. Spellcasters seem to put him on edge and he’s been heard mumbling things like, “All of the casters must die.” Certainly, this new behavior is a result of Hazirawn overtaking the mind of Coral.


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