Crixus the Cruel

Human Gladiator 5


Wears his gladiator shoulder guard and arm sleeve and mostly peasant/slave garbs to cover the rest. He on occasion carries his worldly possessions in his backpack.

Age: 22
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 170
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Fair
Hair: Bald

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Thirsting for combat and the sight of his enemies dying by his hand, Crixus naturally ended up a gladiator by his own free will. He went on a winning streaks before moving north to seek more difficult opponents than those he found in the floating arena in Calimsham. His only friend he made was his handler at the arena Milo. He followed him to Parnast as Milo sought new riches. Crixus simple was looking to shine in combat indulging in the seductive properties of the kill and gore of his adversaries.

He has joined the Zhentarim really only at Milo’s request. Crixus isn’t in to the faction life, but does the bare minimum to appease his friend.

Crixus the Cruel

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