Half Orc Frenzy Barbarian Level 7


Curg wears worn and ratty common cloths with a shortbow slung on his back. A silver whistle in the shape of a wolfs head hangs from his neck and one can usually find his greataxe in his hands.

Age: 16
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 257
Eyes: Yellow
Skin: Pale Green
Hair: Black

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Curg grew up in a rustic setting never staying any place too long as his banished father and human mother relocated often to avoid any orc raiding hordes in Thar.

They formed there own tribe and slowly began to grow it with outcasts from other pure orc tribes. Curg was one of 8 brothers who sought to bring honor to his tribe and upon turning 15 decided to venture into the human lands to perhaps find some new blood to invigorate the tribe with their gene pool.

He proceeded to head to the nearest city of Phlan oblivious that the Maimed Virulence had taken over. His first stop was a small tavern along the Twilight Marsh named the Crossing Inn. He soon found out that his journey had ended due to the dragons reign and stayed at the inn for several months to figure out what to do next. Picking up odd jobs obtaining meat and pelts for trade he soon found himself enveloped in a strange mist.

When the mist finally cleared he was no longer in the quivering forest and instead came across a town shrouded in mists and stood before an old townhouse with two small girls standing before it crying.


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