Human Fighter (3) Assassin (3) Urchin, Level 6


Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 5’ 6’’
Weight: 180 lbs.

Average of height, this thin wiry human wears dark dirty simple clothes. A dark leather cowl covers his simple but handsome features. His sharp grey eyes are alert and observant, constantly watching his surroundings. His hair is dirty and wild, uneven stubble covers his jaw. He walks carefully in well worn leather boots, his soft steps quiet. He wears a dirty red cloak, tattered edges dragging along behind him when he crouches to move stealthily. Armored in dirty looking breastplate, it’s deceptively well crafted, cloth and leather covering it in places to make it seem simpler then it is. Armed with fine rapier of steel and copper, and a steel foil which hang from his hips, one blade longer then the other. The copper basket hilt of the rapier is shaped like a skull, it’s longer steel blade hanging behind him, while the foil’s hilt is curved and simple, made of wrought steel, it’s shorter blade strapped to his thigh. A hand crossbow rests behind his waist, strapped to his belt. A case of crossbow bolts is strapped below his rapier on his thigh, a dagger strapped to the boot below. A backpack with a variety of gear and ropes rests beside his cloak on his back, a bandoleer hangs across his chest, potions strapped along it above the pouch it carries. Several other pouches hanging from his belt make up the rest of his gear.



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