Doomguide Emerson

Human Cleric Level 12


Emerson was raised in Ormpetarr a once bustling capital of Sespech, but has since been hobbled by the Spell plague. As a young cleric he was tasked to help the pilgrims undertaking their scar pilgrimage as most would venture to their deaths. The clerics were tasked to comfort the pilgrims and to ensure whatever the outcome Kelemvor and death is not to be feared. While not helping the pilgrims, Emerson would train in divine magic, and hone his ability to combat the undead. These crusaders that fight along side the people of Faerun are known as Doom guides, seeks of the undead who spread the word of Kelemvor comforting the dyeing. Since the end of the spellplague, the pilgrimages have all but ended and the monetary began to refocus their efforts. As tradition has always been, priests of Kelemvor tend to move from temple to temple collecting information and performing last rites to the common people as needed.

Emerson has been traveling for over 10 years now, moving from major city, suburb, to small town spreading the Kelemvor’s message and comforting the common people in their last moments. At first Red Larch was supposed to be a quick stop but with the tension among the citizens, he decided to stay. For the past few weeks, Emerson has been providing last rites services, and helped capture a grave robber who was trying to find valuables to feed his family. When not providing services at the temple, Emerson spends time at the swinging sword speaking to the locals, and answering any questions they may have about Kelemvor.

Emerson is a quiet man, who doesn’t express his emotions. Most of Emerson’s interaction with people came directly from his service to Kelemvor. A very loyal man, his alliances are bound by his code to defeat the undead and the necromancer’s that prohibit a peaceful entrance to the afterlife. He is bound to the tradition’s of anyone seeking to help others who cannot help themselves. At the site or knowledge of undead being near by Emerson cannot control himself and acts impulsively.

Doomguide Emerson

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