Farros Reigns

Human Ranger Lvl. 6


Wears the garb of his village when he set forth on his adventure. These pieces of fabrics keep him rooted to his humble pass. Slumped over his back is his trusty longbow that he has used a multitude of times before to hunt for food.

Age: 30
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 152
Eyes: Green
Skin: Fair
Hair: Dirty Blonde


Farros lived a humble life in the outskirts of a forest. He lived in a wooden house built by his ancestors with his lovely wife and child. His home was only a quarter of a mile from the nearest town, what he considers his home. He worked has a Shepard and would routinely hunt in the forest for food. One day while on one of his hunts, he returned to his home destroyed, his ancestral home shattered, as well as his family missing. For days he tracked the monsters that ravaged his home but lost track in the mountains. Beaten and distraught Farros wondered the mountains for days before being found by a group of adventures. They were hired to root out a giant, Farros realized that the monster that took his family must have been this giant and he’s been searching for it ever since.

Farros Reigns

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