Flynric Sonshadow

Lightfoot Halfling Arcane Trickster Criminal Artisan, Level 17


Gender: Male
Race: Halfling, lightfoot
Height: 3’ 5’’
Weight: 81 lbs.

A thin, wiry looking halfling, his hair is a tumbled mess of light brown and dark blonde. His large appraising eyes are a bluish grey flecked with green. He wears a wry but friendly smile, like he knows some secret joke that he’s only willing to tell his closest friends. His clothes are often dirty and grass-stained, and almost always smell slightly of sweat and mildew. He never wears anything on his foot, his toes well callused from climbing, just like his quick fingers. His left leg ends just below his knee, where a piece of wood extends out, the top of which has his pant leg tied around it.


Born to a pair of young Halflings living in the Red Larch. His mother was part of a nomadic group of Halflings, but after she met his father, she stayed in Red Larch. His father owned a small locksmith shop that was passed down through several generations of his family, named “Sonshadow & Sons Lock & Key”. His mother made money dancing in taverns at night, and tutoring children during the day. Flynric was born during an especially bad thunderstorm, and it was an extremely difficult birth. His mother got sick after that, and after two years of suffering and illness, she died, leaving Flynric and his father alone in the world, as his father had a very small family that had died years past, leaving him the shop they now lived in. His mother’s family blamed his father for what happened to their daughter and so they broke off any sort of contact, even ignoring the letters Flyn would send when he got older.

The Sonshadow family were renown locksmiths and Flyn’s father’s skills were unparalleled in Dessarin Valley. This made him a very busy man, as he’d spend countless hours in the shop, and would often travel to nearby villages and cities for special orders to do his work there. Though a kind-hearted man, ‘Flyn’ had his mother’s eyes and constantly reminded his father of the love he lost. As Flynric grew up, his father grew more and more distant, straining their relationship heavily. A natural climber and troublemaker, Flyn made fast friends with many of Red Larches youths. Though he never learned manners or even basic social graces, he was clever and quick and perceptive enough that he knew how much trouble he could cause without bringing too much attention down on himself or the other children. He was never a good liar or flatterer, but he became quite practiced at going unnoticed. As he grew older, he grew bolder in both action and words, rather then more cautious, and many of the youths he called friends grew distant, preferring company of those with a kinder tongue and more predictable actions.

From early on, Flyn would spend nights playing with the locks his father made, and when he was older, though he and his father was distant, he still took time to make sure Flynric knew his craft, though he often pawned his son off on his constantly changing apprentices and assistants.

One of his father’s apprentices, was a young dwarven noble from far off to the North, by the name of Sybil. She was a skilled thief and she and Flynric had an instant attraction. They taught each other a great deal, both professionally and personally, though Sybil taught far more then she learned. They spent an entire summer together, though Sybil’s apprenticeship was a short one, her parents had paid handsomely for it, and though they both knew from the start they wouldn’t last and would have to leave each other. It didn’t lessen the pain of parting, or make it the slight bit easier. Though only two decades old, it was easily the best months of Flynric’s life. Sybil taught Flyn more about the world then anyone he had ever known. She was the first person he felt he had any real connection with. She taught him to appreciate his home and she taught him loyalty and friendship, by being the first person to show him what those things looked like, his neglectful and distant father had never shown him anything but scorn. They spent far more time together outside the shop then inside and would often discuss endless topics on the warm summer nights. They would sometimes discussed magic, it was a curiosity for both Sybil and Flyn, and they both promised each other that they’d try to learn.

He still causes trouble and seeks excitement, but since Sybil, he is much kinder with his mischief. He is much more careful not to cause any lasting harm. Though occasionally, his temper gets the best of him and his tricks and thievery border on cruelty. His father taught him that, with his sharp tongue and heavy drinking. Thunderstorms still make him anxious, and he never learned any manners, both things Sybil found charming, which makes any suggestion otherwise, offensive to the mischievous halfling.

Flyn’s father, Cade Sonshadow, recently disappeared. Unfortunately, though he is a master locksmith, he is not nearly as skilled a gambler, though in recent years he has come to prefer the latter. His reputation has recently been failing as well, as he drinks more and more. Though many know this, Flyn’s distance from his father has kept him rather ignorant of the accumulating debt. As Flyn grew older, he’s become more independent and spends only a few nights in the home above his father’s shop, preferring to stay in Inns and alehouses, stealing what he needs and simply enjoying life in Red Larch.

The recent storms have made him anxious though, and he’s recently noticed his father’s absence. At first thinking he had simply left on some business, as he would often do without telling Flyn, forcing the young halfling to break into his own house. After some investigation into his father’s debts, he realized that what he mistook for his father breaking things in a drunken stupor, was more likely the signs of a struggle.

Flynric has since decided to begin an adventuring career, he needs to search for clues and he needs travelling companions, like his good friend Harvey, because the roads are dangerous and times are tough. He knows that finding his father’s cold trail will be tough, he owed money to many different groups and his father was loved by few, but Flyn is determined to find some trace of his father and learn of his fate.

Flynric Sonshadow

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