Glint Goldspark

Svirfneblin Underdark Miner 20


Deep Gnome Wizard, Level 20

High Intelligence, High Dexterity. Earth oriented spells intermixed with some Wizard standards. Uses a miner’s pick as his arcane focus and primary melee weapon (weak, final desperation attack).


Born and raised in Blingdenstone, a Svirfneblin city in the Underdark, Glint was raised in a miner family. Glint was never as strong as his siblings, so he would always practice magic to aid him in physically laborious tasks. Studying magic from a local sage in Blingdenstone while away from the mines, Glint was able to apprentice under him and eventually learn the arcane enough to break free and practice the craft of wizardry on his own.

Glint’s first magic ‘project’ was to use Unseen Servant to help him with his duties in the mines. He saw the value of his new helper, but could never muster the magic to control more than one servant miner to do his bidding. This became a focus of his arcane studies as Glint would strive to learn magic to field an entire troop of these miners in order to begin his own mining business in the future. Unfortunately, his friends and family didn’t view his dream in the same way, likely because they didn’t possess the magical powers that Glint did and were somewhat jealous. Over time, this rift would eventually drive him to the surface in order to pursue his quest for this greater magical knowledge.

Glint’s first destination was Waterdeep, as he figured that Waterdeep would have the best variety of arcane knowledge… that was true, but Glint could not get accustomed to the crowded city full of surface dwellers, so he decided to move about a week’s travel north to Red Larch. His reasons for choosing Red Larch are calculated, to be closer to the Sumber Hills where gems and ore are more likely to be found than most places in Faerun and also to get away from some of the hustle-bustle of the big city.

However, it costs money to live in Red Larch too and Glint found himself running low on funds. His vision of finding untold riches in the hills didn’t come to fruition, as it’s too risky and difficult to be solo on a mining expedition. Plan ‘B’ was for him to set up a show/attraction at the market where customers could pan sediment from a makeshift stream and find some fake gems and gold. It was a humbling time for Glint, but he kept his spirits up by using the opportunity to make friends with other market vendors. Glint took a particular liking to Ghalani Gathakanathi, a lumberjack that sells chopped wood, partly because Ghalani looks like he would be more than able to dispatch the creatures that loiter in the Sumber Hills where the treasures of the earth lie. There is also Grund, the market’s pickle salesman, who Glint enjoys discussing various aspects of business in the marketplace and the nuances of Red Larch, such as understanding the best ways to sell to passersby on their way to Waterdeep.

Glint Goldspark

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