Gregor Evanwood

Human Bard Level 8


Age: 32
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 190
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Tan
Hair: Brown

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Growing up in Waterdeep, Gregor quickly was drawn to the nobles of the city for their majestic parties and grandiose behavior. He spent most of his time sneaking in to the formal affairs as a child and was always captivated by the talented musicians. Lucky for him, he was quite the charmer and never seemed to find himself in too much trouble and began to forge lifelong bonds with people of power in the city.

These bonds afforded him the opportunity to attend the College of New Olamn just outside of the city. He was taught how to play various instruments, but ultimately chose stringed instruments as his weapon of choice. He spent years learning ancient songs, saga’s and a broad spectrum of general history of Faerûn.

Things were going well until he found himself wanting to strike off on his own and decided to “borrow” a small sum from the college to buy a dilapidated wayside inn along the long road. Things went well and he started drawing travelers in and profits soared until disaster struck. The cult of the dragon began looting the Sword Coast. They burned down his inn and livelihood and he was left with nothing but his favorite lute and a lifetime of knowledge.

He started following adventuring parties while they fought back, using the opportunity to forge new tales which could lead to songs of legend. Eventually the cult was defeated and he set off for the Moonsea hearing tales of openings to the underdark springing up all around drawing heroes from all over the land.

Gregor Evanwood

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