Kenku Urchin Monk 5


A large gray/purple beak protrudes from his cloak’s hood, drawing attention away from Kro’s black, beady eyes. With twitchy movements, Kro’s head rapidly moves to and fro, ever vigilant in his search for threats. Unable to speak verbally, he squaks with various inflections in attempt to convey simple points.

Age: 18
Height: 5’1"
Weight: 99
Eyes: Black
Skin: Scaly and dark
Hair: Clumpy, dark feathers


A wanderer of the lands of Faerun, Kro subtly moves from shady town to shadowy city in a personal quest to be satisfied in a life as a bird without flight. Abandoned at such an early age, Kro doesn’t even remember getting pushed out of his birth nest by rival siblings. Since that day he fell to the ground, he’s been roaming the world searching for purpose.


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