Lantix Burfizz

Rock Gnome Inventor Level 5


Age: 45
Height: 3’5"
Weight: 42
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Tan
Hair: Black

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An inventor at birth Lantix grew up around Elventree in a small hamlet. He specialized in mechanical devices and researching arcane wards. A typical life of a gnome until one day he was brought an eldritch tome and saw things unfit for a sane mind. He burned the book, but its words and images are burned into your psyche. He was overcome by a dark vestige and it took over him. He murdered his family and whittled his brothers femur bone into his wand.

He overcame the evil and regained control and found himself around Phlan when he came to. Strange mists were taking over the land as the displaced citizens as well as their allies prepared to take the city back from the maimed virulence. He still hears the voices and see his dead family that he murdered most of the time. For the most part the evil is contained for now, but in doing so his mind is gone.

Lantix Burfizz

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