Chef Edmund Reynauld

Human Fighter Level 14


As a young lad, Rey was fond of his mother’s cooking and would often assist her in the kitchen as she prepared dinner for the family. As a son of a butcher the family ate meat on most nights. Although it was usually just scraps from finer cuts of meats, he made the most of what he had and became a gifted cook.

As he matured into a young man, he would eventually join the local guard. A rag-tag operation as it was, he was able to impress with his ax skills; probably a result of assisting his father chop hunks of meat with a cleaver. A few times he’d get put on kitchen duty, something he never seemed to mind, and was able to showcase his cooking skills which earned him the nickname “Chef”.

After a few years past, a group of perceived mercenaries would form/come into town. This party was a diverse one. Impressed with how they exposed the corruption within the town he sought them out to join their ranks. He felt the town guard was unable to give him the life experiences needed if he was ever going to reach his true potential. The timing was to his benefit since it appeared after their last outing they suffered some losses to their ranks. He’d felt they could use a capable fighter such as himself to assist them in their adventures.

Chef Edmund Reynauld

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