Sindyrrith Uloavae

Drow Lolthite Trickster Cleric (1) Divine Soul Sorcerer (3) Noble Far Traveller, Level 4


Gender: Female
Age: 79
Height: 5’ 8’’
Weight: 94 lbs.

She has jet black skin and ivory colored hair that drapes down past her shoulders. Athletic, lithe and tall, she carries her broad shoulders with a regal bearing, her easy gait confident and commanding. Sharp features and arched thin eyebrows give her piercing blood red eyes an angry gaze. Her thin lips curve in a smug mischievous grin.


Sindyrrith was the third born daughter of House Uloavae, in the city of Sshamath. Sin’s siblings were all older, her two eldest twin sisters, G’eldriia and Miz’ri, having been born first, her brother, Jevan, was the third child and she was the fourth. She was also the last child her mother, Zendalure would ever bear, as when Sindyrrith was only twenty years old, still early in her studies, her mother perished while trying to give birth to what would’ve been her fifth child. Instead both the child and mother perished, leaving House Uloavae without a Matron for the first time in centuries. Before she perished, Zendalure had recognized the touch of Lolth upon her daughter, and had contacted her sister, Sabrae from Guallidurth, where the Spider Queen still ruled. Cashing in on a long held favor, Sin’s mother arranged for her sister to come and train Sin in secret, since the teachings of the Lolth priestesses was no longer accepted under the rule of the Conclave in Sshamath.

Sin’s father Callimar took control of the House after Zendalure’s death, easily keeping control from the eldest daughters who were both still occupied by their arcane studies and unable to gather any kind of force to oppose him. He was not fully aware of the plans Zendalure had made for her daughter and so he allowed Sabrae to continue to tutor and mentor his youngest daughter. She had been doing so for a year already, and as far as he was aware, Sin was simply being taught to fight, something she was growing more and more skilled at.

Decades later, Sabrae managed to gain Callimar’s trust by finding her way to his bed. A year and a half later Callimar perished and she became the Matron of the House. As a skilled warrior, a powerful sorceress, and a devote follower of Lolth, she was a force to be reckoned with. Before long, she had filled House Uloavae’s coffers, gained powerful allies and simultaneously destroyed many of her enemies and rivals. Uloavae had never risen higher then it did under Sabrae’s rule. She even began cultivating relationships with the Zhentarim of cities outside of Darkhold. The relatively small house Sindyrrith had been born into, had grown more then double in size and power in the sixty years of her life.

Sindyrrith was the Matron’s favorite, which lead to a great deal of jealousy from her older sisters. Matron Sabrae could see this, and would often give Sin assignments and tasks she knew the others desired, stoking the fires of their jealousy every chance she could. During Sin’s seventy seventh year, G’eldriia’s rage finally got the better of her, and after being given a particularly loathsome assignment, one where she’d have to venture to the surface, she went after Sin. Sindyrrith was well prepared, Lolth’s teachings had readied her for this betrayal, and when G’eldriia came at her with all her arcane fury could muster, Lolth gave Sin the tools she needed, and with her divine power, Sindyrrith took her sister’s life.

The Matron was greatly pleased when she learned of it, but the politics of the situation were far more complicated. The Matron couldn’t trust Miz’ri with this task, as she lacked her sister’s ambition and motivation, she really only cared for the study of necromancy. Yet she needed to send someone to the surface, to treat with the Zhentarim, plans for the city required their aid and Uloavae had the strongest ties to the Zhents. So Sabrae sent Sindyrrith to the surface world, seeking out the Zhentarim to act as an emissary for the city. This also allowed them to cover up G’eldriia’s murder, with a small subterfuge, they convinced the caravan she was meant to travel with, that G’eldriia was with them, along with Sindyrrith. A cleverly staged accident, set by the most trusted of her Guards, fooled the caravn into believing G’eldriia had perished upon the journey, falling into a deep chasm.

Sindyrrith reached the surface without further incident. Before the caravan departed for it’s return trip, Sin made sure the ‘loyal’ house guards wouldn’t let the truth slip for a few extra coins, by killing each one personally. With her three slave attendants, a female goblin named Meeli, a castrated male Half-orc named Grub and a male dark elf named Dro, she set out to treat with the Zhentarim and gain more power for her House and the Drow of the Underdark.

Sindyrrith Uloavae

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