Tebryn'ree Arkenana

Drow Bladesinger Criminal Far Traveller, Level 6


A razor thin dark elf, he walks carefully and lightly. Shoulder length silver hair frames his sharp features, which are relatively handsome. He wears dark simple clothes, with an elaborate pouch of spell components hanging from his leather belt. A rapier and dagger hang alongside the pouch, the curved dagger in the back, the rapier low on his hip. A smaller writing pouch hangs at his back as well, his backpack above, holding a thick spellbook.

Age: 88
Height: 5’ 7"
Weight: 99 lb.
Eyes: Emerald Green
Skin: Obsidian
Hair: Silver


Born in the Underdark, he lived in a small settlement near the surface in a city of many races. His family was relatively powerful in the city and so he had opportunities to study both magic and swordplay. His desire to combine the two was never well taken among the traditional Drow teachers and so he was forced to focused on magic while he convinced his younger and far less clever brother to teach him of swordplay in his free time. He eventually joined the family business, which consisted of numerous illegal activities, of which he excelled naturally. His ambition led him to try and wrest the business from his father, but instead he ended up exiled to the surface, where he’s begun making a living as an adventurer.

Tebryn'ree Arkenana

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