Darvin Greystroke

Human Mediciner Barbarian


Age 30yrs 6’1" 182 lbs
Brown Eyes, Black Hair, Light Brown Skin


Darvin spent most of his youth working the docks of Waterdeep and when his time came to serve his home, he enlisted in the City Guard as a mediciner. The City Guard’s duty was to investigate foreign threats to Waterdeep and to protect the city against them.

One fateful day, his unit’s encampment was attacked by a much larger force of orc raiders. Taking cover in nearby ruins, the unit fought the orcs to a standstill. After a two-week siege, their rations and their numbers were almost gone. With no help on the horizon, the unit decided to make a last charge, with Darvin and the others unleashing their fury on their foes.

The rage of the Guard was too much, and the orcs were nearly as beleaguered as the Guards were. They destroyed the orc force, with Darvin himself taking and destroying the orc battle standard, but the victory came at a high cost, with only a handful of members surviving the encounter out of nearly a hundred. Reinforcements arrived two days later, having been delayed by some minor bureaucrat refusing to allow the troops to go out due to some little-used ancient law.

Rather than join another unit, Darvin chose to leave Waterdeep in disgust and wander the world, trying to forget the siege and the deaths of his comrades. He never passes up a chance to take a little revenge on goblinoids and makes sure to gleefully send letters back to his surviving comrades.

Darvin Greystroke

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