Tiefling Hermit Sorcerer


Age 25 5’11" 161 lbs
Black Eyes, Red Skin, Black Hair


Upon his 18th birthday, strange occurrences began to happen around Melech. He’d wake up in strange places not knowing how he got there. Unnatural lights and darkness would appear. Fire would shoot from his fingertips. With all the havoc he knew he could no longer stay and decided to seek answers to what was happening to him. Melech first found the druids, and though he understood their philosophies and ways easily enough, he knew it was the wrong path. Hoping the sun elves, and their mastery of magic and evocation would be more fruitful, Melech was again disappointed and they afforded no help in controlling his outbursts. Thoroughly disillusioned, he left and spent the next five years wandering Faerun, learning to listen. He heard the deep rumblings of the earth, the wind’s whisper, the roar of the water, and the searing lash of fire’s tongue. Over time, he came to understand the elements and live more closely in tune with them, borrowing their aspects as needed in day-to-day life. Still, Melech senses that he has only begun to learn their secrets, and continues to roam Faerun, seeking greater understanding of whatever it is lurking just beyond his mind.


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