Xanstin's Adventurers League

Quest for Sporedome

XP- 3000
GP- 850
DT- 5
R- 1
Players – Gauthuk, Trevor, Azair, Stricks

Story Awards

In League with the Seer. You have made a deal with the Sacred Seer—a myconid in the service of Zuggtmoy-to aid in the battle against the giants of Maerimydra. Hopefully, you will not regret this rather foolish choice.

Mmm… Tastes Like Sanity. You are given one small, untreated braincap mushroom. When consumed or administered to someone else as an action, the mushroom acts as a greater restoration, but only as it pertains to reducing the recipient’s madness level to 0. The braincap mushrooms are potent, however, and if you consume more than one per adventure, you immediately gain 1d4 levels of madness (no saving throw). Cross this story reward off of your adventure log when used.

DDIA06 Part 1
The Sunless Citadel

XP – 179
GP – 14
DT – 5
R – 0

Players – Elmo, Olive, Gideon, Tebryn, Kro

Hartkiller's Horn

XP- 6000
GP- 675
DT- 10
R- 1 (2S H, OG)
Players- Annie, Trevor, Stricks, Tyrr
Magic Items- Dagger of Venom (Tyrr)

Story Awards

Gratitude of Hartkiller. You have claimed the divine spark of the Beast of Talos for Hartkiller and outfitted him for his battle with Jarl Ryndölg. In doing so you have writ your name into his legend. You may choose to spend 50 downtime days spreading word of your and Hartkiller’s inspired deeds in Hartsvale. Upon doing so, you gain the benefit of the Gratitude of Hartkiller story award. This downtime activity may only be performed once.

Gratitude of Hartkiller.
In spreading the truth about the events that unfolded in Hartsvale, you find yourself blessed by the All-Father and gain temporary use of the Lucky feat, except that any expended luck points don’t return. Once all three points have been spent, remove this story award.

The Malady of Elventree

XP- 6000
GP- 562.5
DT- 10
R- 1, OG +1
Players- Gauthuk, Annie, Wysper, Burly
Magic Items- Alchemy Jug (Annie)

Story Awards
A Taste of Madness: You drank from the marilith-shaped samovar. Te tea was strong and earthy, and just as it warmed your body, it has also awoken something within the darker recesses of your mind. Your sleeping thoughts are haunted by dark whispers and the caresses of a six-fingered hand…

Herald of the Moon

XP- 6000
GP- 387
DT- 10
R- 1, EE 2S, H 2S
Players – Sylvar, Gauthuk, Anni, Congnard
Magic Items – Oathbow (Sylvar)

Parnast Under Siege

XP- 1700
GP- 230
DT- 10
R- 1, 2 LA
Players – Ghalani, Lantix, Hermia, Valdain, Burly
Magic Items – Headband of Intellect (Valdain)

Story Awards:

Savior of Parnast. You are always welcome in Parnast, while in town you will not spend any gold on food or lodgeing (lifestyles must still be paid for any downtimes days spent).

Giant Horde Breaker! The tale of your defense of Parnast has spread far and wide. Charisma checks made when dealing with goodly folk who have had trouble with giants in the past are made with advantage. Similarly, any charsima (Deception, Intimidation, or Persuasion) check you make against a non-good-aligned giant is made with disadvantage.


XP- 12160
GP- 900
DT- 10
R- 1
Players- Rey, Glint, Flynric, Bacchanal, Gaaki
Magic Item- Pennant of the Vind Rune (Glint)


XP- 11250
GP- 1060
DT- 10
R- 1 , H-2S
Players- Gaaki, Flyn, Bacchanal, Glint, Rey
Magic Items- Opal of the Ild Rune (Rey)

Jarl Rising

XP- 9000
GP- 450
DT- 10
Renown- 1, H-2S
Players- Trevor, Cognard, Annie, Urrix, Gauthuk
Magic Item- Scale Mail +1 (Urrix)

Durlag's Tomb

XP- 13290
GP- 1246
DT- 10
Renown- 1, EE- 2S
Players – Glint, Flyn, Emerson, Gaaki, Louphin
Magic Item- Greataxe +3 (Glint)
Story Awards – Favor of Candlekeep. You surrender of the copper tablet to the acolytes of Oghma at Candlekeep has them overjoyed. The Great Readers spend many weeks poring over the ancient artifact’s hidden
meanings and may one day puzzle out where the missing section is located.
The next time you visit Candlekeep or interact with the faithful of Oghma, any Charisma ability checks you make are made with advantage.


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