Xanstin's Adventurers League

DDHC-TYP Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan Part 1
Tales of the Yawning Portal

XP- 3438
GP- 283
DT- 10
R- 1
Magic Items- Plantslayer Longsword (Balla), Gloves of Missile Catching (Tebryn)
Players-Tebryn, Balla, Olive, Gideon

DDEX03-02 Rerun
Shackles of Blood

XP- 1200
GP- 187
DT- 10
R- 1 (2H)
Players- Dirk, Dolgin, Dessik, Olive
Magic Items- Rapier +1 (Dirk)

Season 3 Completion

Congrats on completing Season 3 to everyone who helped make this happen. Also everyone thank Flyn when you see him for bringing down the main adversary of the season.

Assault on Maerimydra

XP- 23000 (Rey 17250)
GP- 2525 (Rey 500)
DT- 20
R- 7 (Rey 5), Secret Mission (Flynric, Trevor, Mystyk, Gaaki)
Players- Flynric, Trevor, Mystyk, Gaaki, Rey
Magic Items – Robe of Stars (Trevor), Demonic Armor (Flynric)

Story Awards – Share Valor – Your efforts to gather forces for the Assault on Maerimydra have resonated throughout your faction. When you fail in a faction assignment or special mission, you may choose to void this favor and instead succeed. This does not grant you any rewards (XP, gp, items, story awards, etc.) that might be associated with success, but does count as a success for gaining renown or tracking success of special missions.

DDHC-TYP Forge of Fury Part 2
Tales of the Yawning Portal

XP – 2602
GP – 588
DT – 10
Renown – 1
Secret Mission – 1
Players – Tebryn, Olive, Dessik, Gideon, Morgran
Magic Item – Greataxe +2 (Morgran), Shield +1 (Gideon), Wand of Magic Missiles (Dessik)

DDHC-TYP Forge of Fury Part 1
Tales of the Yawning Portal

Magic Items- Ring of Spell Storing (Dessik), Longsword +1 (Gideon), Rapier +1 (Tebryn)
Players – Tebryn, Dessik, Olive, Gideon, Morgran

It’s all in the Blood

XP – 23000
GP – 3650
DT – 10
Renown – 1
Players – Gaaki, Rey, Glint, Flyn
Magic Item – Iuon Stone of Regeneration (Rey)

Story Awards
Indefinite Madness to Rey (he is in love with Glint and will not rest until they can be together). Rey was the only KO, killed by Flynric.

A Thousand Tiny Deaths

XP – 600
GP- 86
DT- 5
Player – Dessik, Gideon, Kohl, Erdan, Olive
Magic Item – Cloak of Protection (Olive)

DDIA06 Part 5
The Sunless Citadel

XP – 404
GP – 5
DT – 5
R – 1
Magic Items – Wand of Entangle (Kro), ShatterSpike (Kro)
Players – Kro, Olive, Gideon, Kohl

DDIA06 Part 4
The Sunless Citadel

XP – 427
GP – 276
DT – 10
Renown – 1
Players – Olive, Gideon, Kro, Tebryn,
Died – Elmo


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