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Over the Edge

Magic Items-


DDHC-TOA-7 Part 2
Ruins of Mezro

XP- 872
GP- 878
DT- 5
R- 0
Magic Item- Cloak of Elvenkind (Grunjax), Bag of Tricks (Connie), Medallion of Thoughts (Falkare)
Players- Connie, Grunjax, Orbus, Falkare, Petrah


Venturing into the mausoleum like structure, we came into a ruined library. Centuries of knowledge lost to the swamp. It was a sad sight to behold. Though it was nothing compared to the rest, as we came upon a corpse of a man who died of fright before coming upon the Cleric of the group that had ventured here before. He was completely mad and had chewed his own flesh off, healing himself as he did so to keep himself alive.

As we moved further in, whispers haunted our footsteps, a shadow stalking us as we moved deeper and deeper into the flooded library, our Ranger following the tracks of the previous group. We found our way to the most horrific scene yet, the group had torn each other apart. As the others searched the bodies, I searched for knowledge. Pouring over the research, we made quick progress, learning of something called the Soulmonger and determining the fate of the group, madness having taken over them. As I reached for a tome bound in flesh, the ghostly shadow revealed itself and warned us of it’s terrible secrets.

The creature attacked us, it’s ghostly wail, driving us all to the brink of madness. Knowledge poured from the creature in waves. As we slayed the undead a final message was released.

“When the Soulmonger grinds,
and exiled Nsi wraps himself in serpents,
Death’s curse will grip the world,
From beneath the forbidden city.”

We left the library and rested at the exit. Upon leaving we were confronted by Brokenbarrel and a number of Guards. They tried to relieve us of our goods but we put the guards to sleep with magic and ended Brokenbarrel’s reign over the city of Mezro. With their leader dead, the Guards were compliant. Finding a letter on the corpse of the goliath, we discovered we were urgently needed back at the Port. Fortunately an incantation was scribed upon, so we teleported back to the city.

Ruins of Mezro

XP- 704
GP- 0
Players- Falkare, Grunjax, Petrah, Orbus, Connie

We start at the common room of the tavern. It’s 1am. The guards are drunk, thanks to Grunjax’s deep pockets. Orbus approaches them and casts a Sleep spell, sending them into slumberland.

We want to take a boat to the central island of the aquatic city, but are having a hard time sneaking past the guards at the dock. Unfortunately, we have to do it in the dark… pitch black.

Somthing slams the side of our canoe, knocking Connie overboard into the murky water. Blinded by the darkness, Orbus also loses his footing and goes overboard. Petrah finally gets some lights dancing around and the group dispatches the crocs, thanks to Falkare’s searing magic blasts.

The central vine covered tower appears to be a temple of Uptao. The front facade of the building seems to be following us around the central hub. Very odd, perhaps the darkness is playing tricks on our eyes. We float past, onwards to the library.

When we get there, Orbus is brave enough to push through the overgrown library door. As we move into the musty darkness, the Dancing Lights see a handful of slithering ghouls moving to eat us, a rare opportunity for a meal.

A dinosaur moves in to surround us from outside the door, trying to trap Falkare and Petrah in order to earn a quick snack. Through teamwork and tactics, the group manages to get in side and blast away the enemies, silencing the temple and allowing the group to rest.

DDHC-TOA-1 Part 2
Tomb of Annihilation

Magic Items-0
Players – Ajax, Connie, Falkare, Petrah, Orbus


Dearest Martha,
It has been too long cousin. Hope the husband and children are well. I pray everyday to Mielikki for your safety, as I know you do for me. Updates are forthwith. Though it is hard to write in the moistened folds of the forests of Chult I will tell you what I can. After many mishaps we were able to acquire a writ giving us permissions to search the diaphoretic realms of Chult unhindered by the Flaming Fist. We were to look for Frost giants who had been spotted in the area. We have had no sightings of them thus far but our journey is a long one and we are merely at the boarder of the torments awaiting us in this steaming abyss.

To aid us on our journey to Mezco hoping to find leads we asked a local druid named Qwasha to be our guide along with his Vegepygmy (mobile trees Martha! With legs and all!) He was not the best help in our travels however, he constantly asked us why we could not find the correct path to our destination, and got far to excited at the sighting of undead, which we helped him slay in exchange for waving his fee. It took about three ten days to get to our destination which was originally supposed to be a fortnight long expedition. Orbus and I were able to find sustenance for the party, and a group of albino dwarves that were peaceful enough in exchange for water and goodberries. They gave us nothing but the opportunity to pass without bloodshed, which we took happily having enough food and water at the time to spare.

A few days later we were swarmed by ghouls, Qwasha rushed into the fray leaving eight for us to handle on our own, a few in our party were not fully prepared but we were able to defeat them and revive our party before the death curse took anymore of us. Grunjax has been an interesting addition to our group. Have I mentioned him? The pyromaniac frog person. Odd creature but relatively useful. He was willing to call off a Tyrannosaurus Rex that had been stalking us through or trek in the steaming wart of the Chultian forest. His plan was not completely successful and though I did not mind waiting a few extra hours in a tree, it took it’s tool on the party as a collective. Primates stalked us for a while took but we were getting used to the local wildlife and were able to distract them by throwing a few shiny trinkets their way.

There was a fine, if not overgrown statue of Ubtao out in the steaming mist of the jungle. We found an old pipe offering engraved with old Chltan runes. Qwasha, could not translate, long have a wondered why indeed he has come with us on this journey to Mezco. Which we found after about eight more days in the jungle. I honestly have lost count.

Upon arrival we were not greeted with the same respect we thought our Charter would inspire. The leader, Broken Barrel, was obviously not right in the head. She refused to give us entry to the Library which we had spent our near three ten days trying to locate and had guards escort us from her over furnished hoard of a dwelling. Valdro, a guard knowing of the strange behavior tells us of how Broken Barrel was cursed with Guilded fever about two ten days ago. During dinner he reveals his own affliction with the death curse and his willingness to aid us on our quest. I sign off now cousin, hoping our journey into the library with Val’s aid is blessed by Mielikki.
May your trees grow tall and strong,


XP- 1237
GP- 44
DT- 5
R- 1
Players – Grunjax, Orbus, Falkare, Connie, Petrah

Asmodeus’ smoking cloaca. The stink of unwashed bodies was left behind in the port but if possible, the jungle is even hotter than the city. After sitting around that latrine of Nyanzaru for days just to find a guide, the party lost theirs almost immediately. And now, thanks to slimy Grunjax and his buddy Petrah they were wandering unaided in the heat again, looking for some kind of dignitary.

On the trail of the missing ambassador the party found themselves in a vale where the fracking plants were killing men. The one sign of civilization in this steaming crevasse was up in smoke and the perpetrators, a band of the Flaming Fist, were already approaching. Joining up with the idiots who burnt the only dry place in this abyss the party found the ambassador bound in a local hut. Relieved to be done with this mission they were assailed by a horrid buzzing noise.

It was quite evident that the safest course of action would be to return to the burning village and encamp, but the soldiers demanded that they wander around the jungle instead. Rhana, a native of this place and the only one outside of the party with more than excreta between the ears quickly ran off and went her own way, leaving the party with these soldiers. It occurred to Orbus then that you don’t see many women among the Fists. Flaming indeed.

The party encountered some bees, a river crossing and some geysers, the Fists naturally suffering contemptible deaths along the way. It seemed that the party was being hunted by some predator, a spirit of the very nature of this land. They made their last stand just outside of the hot springs. Hacking, burning and doing not a little bleeding they were able to drive off this creature. Just another stinking day in Chult.

DDHC-TOA-1 Part 1
Tomb of Annihilation

XP- 247
GP -26.4 GP

Dear Diary,

Grunjax found party of strange foreigners today. They seem to be looking for end to strange death curse been around Chult for a while now, they say it cause by Soulmonger. Grunjax very poor, so he join and hope for treasure. Party talk to Syndra, she say we go to Ft. Beluarian, run by Flaming Fists, they know this jungle best, and have leads. Petra and Grunjax find Zhentarim guides who ask for help but very affordable. Grunjax and party travel few days and get to fort.

At fort, guides tell Grunjax and Petrah to create distraction, while they go steal papers from chief of fort. So we try set fire. Long story short, Grung no make fire well, and Drow no hide in sun light, so we get caught by guards. We smooth talkers, but they no buy story, so Grungjax do what he do best and run. Grunjax light fire and jump down well, Stupid Drow get caught, and rest of party enjoy joust and then try to put out fire. Petrah get beat up bad by guards who no happy, but distraction work! Orbus (he real smooth talker) gets us free in exchange for party to seek out important ambassador. Party travel towards coast and pick up trail. Party find bodies, but press on. Party now at fork, rain falls, and Grunjax hiding from four figures approaching, but stupid armored one make so much noise, he never hide.

Whispers in the Dark

XP- 660
GP- 110
R- 1(LA2, Z2)
Players- Orbus, Ajax (Died), Falkare, Connie, Petrah

Magic Items- Pearl of Power (Falkare)

Story Awards – None

Recap- Another day of travel brought us to a bright clearing. Quickly determined to be the lost city of Bulobo. Wadumu finally informed us that there were snake people and the drug ‘wanderlust’ here at this village. Though all we could see was a pile of rotting corpses of soldiers of the Flaming Fist from Baldur’s Gate. They had set up some camp, but clearly died fighting.

A strange obelisk stands within the center of the clearing, with pillars around it. Vines seemed to covered everything, and as we attempted to clear away some of the vines from the obelisk so Wadumu could translate the writing upon the obelisk, the corpses and the vines themselves suddenly sprang to life and attacked.

Using some lighting magic, I escaped the grasp of the vines as we fought off the creatures around us. The sounds of more of them could be heard from the woods and around us.

Ajax brought the first corpse down with his crossbow as we assaulted the creeping vines. Petrah brought another down with an arrow as Connie pulled the vines away from the pillar so Wadumu could translate another riddle. As we continued to dechiper and activate the appropriate pillar, I torched the vines, leaving no further obstructions. As we deciphered the last riddle, we spread out to activate the remaining pillars, leaving Orbus to fight off numerous undead around the center of the clearing. We gathered around obelisk, fighting off the rising dead as we did so. Ajax moved towards the last pillar, but the symbol upon that pillar was missing, though it wasn’t far.

As he activated the last pillar, a staircase opened around the obelisk, leading downward. As the staircase rumbled open, we realized nearly all of the corpses around us had risen. We all rushed down the stairs, away from the veritable horde on our tail.

We came upon a massive chamber with a platform in it’s center with elaborate pillars with snakes carved into them. A curtain of water coming from a stone snake was across the room filling the room with water.
After casting a divination spell, I could sense the room was filled with magic, but saw no traps. When we stepped upon the platform, torches around the room sprung to life and a voice rung out throughout the room. Ajax attempted to lie his way through, but the Yuan-ti saw through his lies and lashed out at us, having been hiding on the pillar beside us.

Petrah lashed out veraciously with a dagger, before the foe whipped a scimitar out and lashed back at him, bringing him down with a deadly necrotic blade. Connie joined in with her own steel as she received a spray of poison. As we assaulted the Yuan-ti, she lashed back out, cleaving Ajax in half at the waist, killing him instantly as his corpse turned to a shriveled mass of flesh.

The Venom Queen slithered around the chamber, launching dark magic at us as we continued to assault her. As she tried to flee, Orbus finished her off with a crack from his staff. As she fell, the chamber began to crumble, corpses falling from above. Wadumu leapt from them into the snake’s maw, where the water had been streaming in. Using it to escape, he made his betrayal known before the escape route collapsed behind him. Fortunately, another hole in the chamber opened up which we quickly made our way towards as the zombies chased us, not before retrieving the gemstones from the chamber wall. The climb was difficult, but we managed to avoid the zombies claws.

Escaping into the jungle, we had a hard trek back to safety of the Port.

A Walk in the Park

XP- 660
GP- 22
DT- 5
R- 1 (2EE)
Players- Orbus, Ajax, Falkare, Connie, Petrah

Magic Items- Goggles of Night (Ajax)

Recap- A female tabaxi approached us after our rest, a contact from the Emerald Enclave.
Screaming Wind requested we investigate a satchel shop that made the stolen satchel we found previous and was involved in smuggling a drug into the city.

As we moved across a rope bridge in Malar’s throat, children attempted to relieve us of our purses, but were spotted before they could succeed at such efforts. They dispersed quickly.

Arriving across the bridge, we found “The Satchel Shop” filled with leather bags. The leather the merchant wore was the same as the bags he sold. He claimed he makes a good living selling bags. After determining that the different medallions signified which type of secret compartment was within. Ajax purchased a satchel after Orbus startled a Froglike attendant who poured us all fresh water. The others proceeded to insult the merchant, but the Froglike attendant offered to take us to where the drug is made, offering to guide us through the jungle.

Wadumu our new guide, gifted us with a set of magical googles after smearing his secretions all over Ajax’s face.

The rain on our journey was miserable and relentless, but our guide was invaluable. He guided us around hordes of the undead and brought us to several campsites that were already set up, so each night was uneventful and relatively restful.

Our greatest difficulty was a mud slide that hit us on the third day of travel, sending several of us down a hill, though some managed to grab a hold to some roots. The mud made the rest of the route more difficult to navigate, but we managed without too much difficulty or time wasted.

We eventually came upon another campsite, where we took our last rest before arriving at the village. Wadumu warned us the creatures of the village would not like us, so he would go in ahead of us.

An arrow stopped our guide in his tracks and he negotiated our entrance in a strange language after the guards showed themselves. A Chultan guide tried to show us the village, while Wadumu translated. As we passed human slaves, we learned that Wadumu had told them we would help free them from the Yuan-ti’s yoke, which we cautiously agreed to, though it didn’t feel like there was much choice.

Entering the chamber of the Yuan-ti, we found two Chultan’s with their blood drained from them onto an altar with a dismembered Grung. Some sort of alchemical reaction was being produced here to create the drug we were looking for.

Fighting the Yuan-ti and her warriors, we noticed the warriors were affected by some sort of mind control possibly caused by the drug smeared inside their mouth. Killing the Yuan-ti, we subdued the others while Wadumu talked the Grungs there into leaving. We made a hasty departure from the village after successfully discovering the source of the drugs and with another task from our guide.

A Day at the Races

DDAL07-01 Part 3

XP- 110
GP- 33
DT- 5
R- 1H
Players- Orbus, Ajax, Falkare, Connie, Petrah

Story Awards -

The Trusting Triceratops. Through your actions, you’ve garnered the respect of the Ytepka Society. Though their numbers are few, you are now aware of how their members secretly identify themselves to each other. During any of the rare social interactions you may have a member of the Ytepka, their starting attitude will automatically be friendly.


XP- 660
GP- 143
DT- 5
R- 1, 2H
Players- Orbus, Ajax, Falkare, Connie, Petrah

Magic Items- Quarterstaff

Story Awards -
First to Race. For the next year, you can find lodging for free in one of the Tiryki Anchorage’s fine, flea-bitten establishments—maintaining a Poor lifestyle for up to 30 days.

Winner, Winner, Raptor Dinner. There can be no dispute, even with your attention divided, you were able to lead your team to undisputed victory. Such a fine victory means only one thing; to be treated to the finest modest accommodations to be found in the city for free—maintaining a Modest lifestyle for up to 30 days!


Ugghhh… why did I come here to Chult again? It’s hot, sweaty, and smells of dung. The sun is so bright here that my neck hurts from always looking down. Anyway, I turn my attention to the drunk, smelly man approaching. Soggy Ren is the head Harper, not Narissa. All faction members are here at the Market Ward tavern in Port Nyanzaru.

There are dinosaurs tied up in front of the bar, which is unusual for us. Ren pours us some wine and goes into what he needs us for.

The secret Yeptica/Triceratops Society is looking for the amulet. We can meet up with them at the bath house. According to Ren, it’s imperative that we discover the source of the amulet’s magic. They are our best bet.

We approach the bath house and find our contact Diamssar. We continue to a safe house… the Market Textile House. Inside the warehouse, he approaches a cloth covered pedestal. He tries to lead us into a pit trap, but Ajax’s sharp eyes caught the turncoat and battle ensues. An accurate arrow ends his life and he falls into the pit where a giant snake consumes him.

We investigate the double doors to the north and there is an pungent smell of vegetation that seems poisonous. Orbus kicks the door in and we are greeted by a pureblood yuan-ti and 3 broodlings. We dispatch them to more ramblings of a Serpent God. On the way out of the temple, we check a door and find two sick prisoners. They have some type of strange disease, I don’t want to touch them.

Returning to the Harpers, they are surprised that Diamssar betrayed us. When we mention the Snake God talk, they become very concerned and think it might be an issue that the yuan-ti have come to the port town.

We head to the dinosaur races on the suggestion of the Harpers as they begin their investigation into the Yuan-Ti.

Dinosaurs participating in the races have been dying not long afterwards. It’s known as to the cause, but it’s possible they are being poisoned. Perhaps the Yuan-Ti are involved? Talk to Mabula Takula at the races for more information.

We try to gather information about the dinosaurs and surrounding area as we await Mabula’s call. Then, we are ready… sort of… they want US to race. We name ourselves the Gold Sweaty Inseams and it’s a strong start out of the gate for us. We gather the goal of 5 flags and need to collect some bricks from the water. NAGFS is the code we need to use to unlock as we race away on the Triceratops. It’s neck and neck (or horn and horn) as us and two other teams barrel towards the finish line. At the last second we edge out the Blue Caymans and take victory!

During our victory celebration, our podium is capsized by the cheering crowd, wounding Connie and a large undead dinosaur bursts into view. They are two quick and begin attacking some villagers in the corner. The woman dies, but her daughter is saved from the Death Curse by a healing potion. The undead succumb to our might and are defeated.

A search nearby finds a yuan-ti crushed by debris. By her possessions, we figure she’s involved with the issue in the dino pen.

Rumors we’ve heard:
The great god Ubtao once guided the people of Chult, be he tired of their constant warring and abandoned them. Since then, Chultans have turned to the worship of other gods, some of which were tricksters and deceivers.

Deep in the heart of the jungle is a city built by minotaurs. It’s now overrun by snake people, but even worse things dwell below. In visions, I have seen strange devils screaming in the dark.

DDAL07-01 Part 2
A City on the Edge

XP- 195
GP- 40
DT- 5
R- 1EE
Players- Orbus, Ajax, Falkare, Connie, Petrah

Story Awards -

Snakes on a Brain. After being charmed by the grung’s gift, you experience recurring nightmares over the next few weeks. Most of them involve vicious serpents and a soft voice whispering to join them in the arms of oblivion.
(Orbus, Ajax)

Dear Elra,
I’m writing to inquire about the need of a summer wardrobe here in Chult. Nevermind why I find myself in the sweaty inseam of the realms that is a story to share after the reevaluation of my life. However I will inform you why new summer clothes are necessary. Shopping in Chult is abysmal at best here in the armpit of the known worlds. As can be expected.

Shortly into our adjustment time I meet with a member of our faction, Screaming Wind who informed us of some strange going-ons in the insect infested disease ridden broken buttonhole of the Chultan Peninsula. If only these forgotten realms had remained forgotten. We were in the forest when swarmed by these insects, attacked by blights, saved an ungrateful Tabaxi, only to be lured in by seemingly friendly Grung (frog people) who were not as friendly as they seemed. I broke a lace on my favorite boots and they ripped a hole in my red tunic. We found an amulet, tacky little thing, one of a set I believe, we’ve come across one before. However, ever since we found it and struck down the grung two of my companions have not been able to sleep well. I fear it is the heat. We are, after all, in the tight sweaty undergarments of the traveled worlds.

After settling our business with Screaming Wind, including leaving the amulet in the care of the Enclave, we looked for more leads in town. In our search for a fellow named Derio, we were attacked by zombies a common if not recent plague upon Chult. The search did lead us to a set of underground passageways beneath Ziggurat, in which we happened upon Viplo. In the sticky boot of Chult he was the fungal ridden baby toe. I can not yet tell if it was these amulets that drove him mad, or the heat, or if he was the warm rotten fruit that grows naturally in the jungles of the Peninsula, in which these accursed items merely fed upon. We came upon him feeding townsfolk to more zombies, he burnt Petrah’s tunic and his zombie minions splattered my vest with what I assume is brain matter. Luckily most of it came out with a quick scrub and should last until new garments arrive. Rewards have been acceptable but barely enough to make it worth staying in Chult. We shall see where the rest of our adjustment time takes us. Our last lead is a fellow by the name of Soggy Ren. Perhaps he knows of decent shopping in the district, or at leasts means of earning our way out of the miasmic gutter of Chult. Enclosed is a list of my needs, hope all is well,
Yours faithfully,


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