Our Faerun Narrative

History of the Realm

1479 The Year of the Ageless One

  • The Spellplague was ended with the event known as Mystra’s Return. The Weave was resurrected with the goddess and magic became what it was before the Spellplague, though some areas with lingering effects from it remain.
    Areas of Toril still affected by the Spellplague were referred to as Plaguelands.

1485 The Year of the Iron Dwarf’s Vengeance

  • Lost Mine of Phandelver is rediscovered. Gundren Rockseeker becomes the owner and starts production.
  • Phandalin flourishes under the leadership of Lord Ander Stormwind.
  • Conyberry reconstruction begins with the Iron butterfly tavern.

1486 The Year of the Nether Mountain Scrolls

  • The Cult of the dragon begins to shift its focus from Dracolichs’ to resurrecting Tiamat.

1488 The Year of Dwarvenkind Reborn

  • Anivar Daoran, Lord Protector of Phlan, dies in what appears to be a construction accident. Ector Brahms, Knight-Commander of the Black Fist, is appointed Lord Regent of the Cinnabar Throne. The city soon descends into anarchy, and Brahms declares martial law. A new wave of instability sweeps the Moonsea.

1489 The Year of the Warrior Princess (Ghesh?)

  • All out war breaks out throughout the Sword Coast as the Cult of the Dragon begins to raid towns gaining treasure to usher in their new Queen.
  • Phlan is taken over by the Maimed Virulence.
  • Daggerford is razed by cultists brought on by the Gheshtang Rangers.

1490 The Year of the Star Walker’s Return

  • The Gheshtang Rangers lead the charge with the Fate of Faerun in the balance against the Cult of the Dragon unbeknownst to most of the population. They drive back their forces and prevent Tiamat from reforming in Faerun in a final stand at the Well of Dragons.
  • After the defeat of the Cult of the Dragon, the ordening is shattered and giant kind begin to run amok raiding and pillaging a recovering Sword Coast.
  • Recent events prove to be too much for some of the populace as reports of madness overcoming some of the populaces is reported.
  • Hillsfar resorts to extreme xenophobia against non-humans and shuts it doors to safeguard itself.

1491 The Year of the Scarlet Witch

  • Strange weather occurrences begin to happen all over Faerun. Mulmaster is destroyed by one such event and left in ruins.
  • Womford, Bargewright Inn and Westbridge are destroyed by the Cultists of Elemental Evil.
  • The legendary Big Dick bandits discover the source of the phenomena being a hidden temple of elemental evil in the sunder hills near Red Larch. They prevent the Princes from Elemental Evil from emerging from the elemental planes.

1492 Year of Three Ships Sailing

  • The Factions coordinate an effort to wipe out any remnants of the Cult of the Dragon and lead the charge in liberating Phlan from the dragon Vorgansharax the Maimed Virulence.
  • Giant raids reaches a fever pitch as no one has brought them under control and the factions begin to coordinate efforts in dealing with the new threat.
  • Bryn Shandar saved by the Defenders of Icewind Dale from frost giants, Fireshear sacked by Frost giants searching for the ring of winter
  • The Giant uprising is quelched by the Defenders of Icewind Dale uncovering a plot against the Storm Giant King.

1493 Year of the Purple Dragons

  • A strange death curse has gripped the land and anyone who has been raised in the past is slowly starting to perish.

Our Faerun Narrative

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