Season 1 Tyranny of Dragons

Season 1
Tyranny of Dragons

1489 DR Year of the Warrior Princess

The City of Phlan

In 1488 DR, Lord Protector Anivar Daoran died unexpectedly in what, for all intents and purposes seemed nothing more than a construction accident during renovations on Castle Valjevo. The Lord Protector left no heir, so Knight Commander Ector Brahms was declared the Lord Regent of the Cinnabar Throne. The Knight Commander’s grasp on the throne is tenuous at best, however. The Lord Regent still acts as the Knight Commander of the shrinking Black Fist and has declared martial law upon the city.

Trade has all but stopped in Phlan. The guilds now vie for control over the city to compensate for their lost incomes. Wages have plummeted, prices of goods and services have skyrocketed, and worst of all—construction has stopped. The Welcomers have shifted their goals, and now lash out against the guilds who, in their greed, have abandoned the citizenry. In turn, they have been declared outlaws by the Black Fist, and any person with a missing ear is imprisoned, tried and hung. Each day, more bodies swing from the Stojanow Gate. Phlan is a lawless, shabby remnant of what it once stood for. For over a millennia it has endured decimation at the hands of its enemies; it is decidedly ironic that it now stands on the brink of ruin by its own hand.

The Cult of the Dragon has begun amassing mass amounts of treasure throughout Faerun for an unknown purpose. They are sweeping from town to town, laying waste to all those who oppose them and gathering a hoard of riches for their dread queen.

The Cult has now set their sights on Phlan, with no significant authority to stop the cult other power groups in the Realms – The Harpers, Order of the Gauntlet, Emeral Enclave, Lords’ Alliance and even the Zhentarim – must unite to stop the cult from fulfilling its dark purpose as they begin to make contacts and take control(DDEX01-01).

Not long after the adventurers arrive the lighthouse has been extinguished at Sokol Keep. A group is sent to investigate the ruined island on the brink of desertion from the House Sokol to find out the quartermaster Igan Sokol has gone missing after starting to hangout with the Blackfist Seargeant Grim. It was soon discovered that the two found a Jade Temple beneath the island searching for cults and unleashed a curse for trying to steal from it. Seargent Grim was brought to justice after Igans death. (DDEX01-02)

Shortly after the lighthouse is restored trouble sprouts on the moonsea as a tales of a ghost ship striking coastal villages begins to spread with madman whispering about the eyes of the dracolich. A group of adventurers set out and tracked the problems down to a remote island off the Iron Route trade road. They befriended a small girl by the name of Elisandre and with her help discovered that the cult of the dragon was playing a ruse on villages sending undercover followers posing as mad men then striking from their ship to amass treasure. (DDEX01-03)

Strange things start happening in Valhingen Grave Yard. Doomguide Yovir sends Cassyt to assist a group of heroes’ venture into the crypts to find the missing acolytes and assess the reports of undead roaming around. They worked their way through the catacombs and discovered that a group of dragon cultists searching for the location of the fabled Pool of Radiance after raising an undead army. (DDEX01-04)

A theft and murder in Mantor’s Library has sparked a manhunt for the stolen goods and it is not long before a band of adventurers begins to investigate. Spernik, one of the scribes, escapes the gallows and fled town with some tomes to the outskirts of town in the foothills of the Dragonspine Mountains. As an undercover cultist, he was sent to find the location of an ancient dragon relic in order to enlist Scorlworyx, a red dragon, to their cause (DDEX01-05).

More thefts plague Phlan and a group of heroes is set forth to bring the criminals to justice. Searching all over Podal Plaza they are once again led to the Library where another plant cultist was posing as a scribe. He fled thought he bowels of the library out to the Twilight Marsh with books leading to the location of the Pool of Radiance. They found him in the company of a Young Black Dragon but were able to bring them both to justice. (DDEX01-06)

Coming back to Phlan they stop at the Crossing Inn and find that there have been strange drums coming from the marsh leading to the abduction of local farmers. Trekking into the swamp the heroes discover that the lizardfolk are having a power struggle and having a competition of sorts to prove they are the rightful heirs. They are witness to the ascension of a new lizard king as they manage to broker a deal to free the captives. (DDEX01-07)

Shortly after rumors have spread of a disturbance in the Quivering Forest. A group of adventurers investigates in Kabel Hill and discovers that another undercover cultist has worked towards breaking a pact between the fey and Phlan by entering the forest. He attempted to broker a deal with the Hag Jenny Greenteeth but met an untimely fate. The party manages to forge a shaky truce and maintain the pact for now. (DDEX01-08)

Riots have broken out in Phlan with all the unrest on the Iron Route. A band of heroes is sent out to discover the source of all the bandit attacks that have surged recently. The head to Grimshackle jail to question a captured bandit and he leads them to King’s Pyre 40miles west of Phlan home the Claws of Tiamat. While clearing the camp the group is attacked by the Cult of the Dragon Orc Warband sent to eradicate the heretical group. (DDEX01-09)

The fabled Scroll Thief Spernik is finally being brought to justice, but Aleyd Burral is worried that its taking too long with all the corruption among the Black Fists, and contacts some of the local adventurers to investigate. As this meeting happens Phlan comes under assault of the Maimed Virulence, an ancient greed dragon. They are quickly redirected in trying to gather as many townspeople as possible to flee Phlan while they can while they evade the Cult of the Dragon forces besieging the city. With the help of the Welcomers gang they flee the city into the Stojanow River with the body of the Fallen Knight Aleyd Burral after she provided a distraction to save Lord Regent Brahms. (DDEX01-10)

The Lord Sage has broken the seal and sought refuge in Denlor’s Tower just outside of town while it is besieged and contacts any willing hero for help. They are sent to investigate a pyramid on Sorceror’s Isle that seems to be leaking corruption into the local area and doesn’t want compounding problems for Phlan dealing with the Cult of the Dragon as it is. They set off to pyramid to locate any writings from the previous owner of the pyramid Yarash to aid in turning back the magic escaping its maze like interior. As they clear the structure they quickly realize that the Cult has sent their own agents to investigate, but they are able to recover the tomes and make haste back to the Lord Sage (DDEX01-11)

On the way back to Denlor’s Tower the party is pressed by the surviving Merchants Guild to recover one of the many treasure stolen by the raiding cultists. They have learned that the Dragon Throsstulgrael, known as “Velvet” will away from his home in the Twilight Marsh. Believing their prized lockbox is there they send the heroes to recover it. Dealing with his thralls the group clears out the lair and makes their way deep into the swamps underground structure of what’s left of the Hall of the Black Bull. Slaying his second in command Graxxygak, a half-dragon troll, they make their way to the dragons lair right as he returns. They manage to slay the young dragon only to realize that they enacted the cults plan and have now turned him into a dracolich as he dives into the water and escapes through a flooded tunnel. (DDEX01-12)

Under suspicion that the Cult of the Dragon has found the location of the Pool of Radiance, Glevith a Welcomer, summons the heroes to Grimshakle Jail. They are asked to trail a group of cultists on a caravan into the Dragonspine Mountains to find out what they know. They arrive at Kranuun’s Crater and discover that a stone giant shaman has setup residence their and has discovered the Pool. He however has interacted with it and been possessed by the spirit of Tyranthraxus. The group manages to stop the cultists from stealing the essence of Tyrnanthraxus and prevent the cultists from summoning the fabled Dracolich. (DDEX01-13)

The faction have declared Phlan a loss and seek out adventurers to infiltrate and extract the remaining important citizens to take them across the moonsea to Mulmaster. They heroes successfully infiltrate the city which has been overtaken by a vile thicket thanks to the dragons presence as his Cultists scour and patrol the streets. They rescue one by one Madame Freona, the Lord Sage, and Jhessail Greycastle and make their way to the docks to flee once and for all. (DDEX01-14)

Season 1 Tyranny of Dragons

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