Xanstin's Adventurers League


Durlag's Tomb

XP- 13290
GP- 1246
DT- 10
Renown- 1, EE- 2S
Players – Glint, Flyn, Emerson, Gaaki, Louphin
Magic Item- Greataxe +3 (Glint)
Story Awards – Favor of Candlekeep. You surrender of the copper tablet to the acolytes of Oghma at Candlekeep has them overjoyed. The Great Readers spend many weeks poring over the ancient artifact’s hidden
meanings and may one day puzzle out where the missing section is located.
The next time you visit Candlekeep or interact with the faithful of Oghma, any Charisma ability checks you make are made with advantage.


xanstin xanstin

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