Xanstin's Adventurers League

DDEX 1-3

Shadow on the Moonsea

DM- Brian
245 GP each
Renown 1
Downtime 10
Played: Vegas, Vystair, Zulgor, Armon, Eran

Life on the Moonsea isn’t easy. Bandits, pirates, and cruel lords dominate the land, threatening those who make an honest living there. Now, a new scourge is prowling the waters: A ghost ship has been striking small coastal villages, leaving its victims whispering about the “eye of the dracolich.” Join the adventure and learn the truth behind this threat!

The party is contacted by Doomguide Yovir, High Priest of Kelemvor about a mad man that was brought to Valhengin Graveyard a previous day spouting nonsense about the eyes of the dracolich. With rumors of a ghost ship destroying villages along the coast the one honest Black Fist Knight Aleyd Burral fears they are related and ask the party to investigate.

After piecing together the pieces of the puzzle they are led to a small fishing village on a island just off the coast not on the map disconnected from civilization. They befriend a young girl named Elisandre who tries to explain her people to these “Mainlanders”. After some digging around they find another lunatic raving about the eyes of the dracolich right in this village. They investigate the local wood and find a hidden shrine in which a pact was made with devils to keep the island safe from a marauding pirate ship at the time the “Audacity”. There investigation is interrupted by sounds of battle as the island comes under attack from this ghost ship.

They defeat the intruders only to discover they are not intact ghosts but pirates under disguise at the command of the Cult of the Dragon cultist Ixas and were to gather up all the books and potentially magical items and burn the rest in all the villages they have sacked. The madman on the Island is actually an advance scout they plant prior to arrival.
Unfortunately theirs and the cults presence on the island has in fact broken the pact and has caused the return of the “Audacity” from the nine hells itself and row up to a battle between the infernal pirates and the cultists.

A fierce battle ensued but eventually they saved the day and ended the threat. They discovered that Ixas was using a statue to glamour captives while he was seeking information about a dragon mask which was allegedly in the area. Unknowing to them Elisandre trailed them back to Phlan and has been seen off and on around the graveyard since.


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