Xanstin's Adventurers League

DDEX 1-7

Drums in the Marsh

DM: Esh
XP: 600 each
GP: 112.87gp each
Renown 1
Downtime 10
Played: Trevor, Gauthuk, Vystair
Treasure: Vystair – Scroll of Fireball; Gauthuk – Healing Ointment;

For the past several nights, drums have been heard on the wind, coming from the Twilight Marsh. Each morning, more turn up missing from the nearby farms, leaving only muddy, clawed footprints heading towards the marsh. Can you help the find the lost and bring justice to the abductors?

The party finds themselves at the Crossing Inn just outside of Phlan. Recently there has been several people taken after Drums sound out in the marsh from a nearby farm. The party employed a guide to take them down river to the farms so they could investigate.

Upon investigating they found the farms had been ransacked and destroyed. Sever drag marks and tracks proving that lizardmen were involved probably coming out of the twilight marsh and taking prisoners. The decided to go deeper into the marsh to see if they could find any survivors.

They encountered several typical hazards for a marsh and finally came upon a ring of islands on which they found a fearsome Lizardman. Before they could take him down he escaped. They followed him to a giant island in the bog of the marsh in which it appeared several lizard man tribes occupied different corners of this triangular shaped island. From a distant the party peppered the island while Gauthuk engaged at close range. They appeared to be engaged in some sort of competition for tribal leadership and the introduction of an outside aggressor sparked a civil war between the tribes. In the end the lizard man that escaped earlier took charge and united the remaining lizardmen against the party. They narrowly escaped with there lives. They were able to save any of the survivors that were taken during this sick contest.


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