Xanstin's Adventurers League

DDEX 1-8

Tales Trees Tell

DM- Brian
XP: 600 Each
GP: 158 Each
Renown 1 (EE 1)
Downtime 10
Played: Gauthuk, Vystair
Treasure- Vystair- Cloak of elvenkind.

Despite the shaky alliance that exists with the elves of the Quivering Forest, they do not suffer trespass in their realm lightly, especially from common folk from nearby Phlan. A woodworker’s recent blunder into the forest might set off a diplomatic incident. Can you help find him and mollify the aggravated elves?


At the request of Aleyd Burral, the party traveled to Kabel’s Hill to find out why grain shipments stopped recently. Upon arrival the town appeared abandoned. They found all the townspeople at the local inn The Leaky Bucket in a panic about recent events. Apparently six of the towns men went into the Quivering Forest in search of a man named Halvin. This was forbidden as Phlan had a truth with the fey of the forest to not venture into the forest and in return they are left alone and Phlan is protected.

No sooner than they sat down finally for a drink, were they interrupted by screams from outside. One of the six was found pinned to a post in the center of the town square still alive with the message the six left with to venture into the fey’s homeland. He was pined to the tree with a hairpin which bore the sigil of Jenny Greenleaf, a hag that lived in the forest.

After searching Halvins former home they discovered a journal in which he documents several letters he had sent to Greenleaf seeking for her and the fey to sit idle while the Cult of the Dragon plundered the town of Phlan. Realizing they had to put a stop to this they sought out the local ranger Serelis for guidance but were unable to convince him to aid them.

Venturing into the forest they found several of the six mutilated along the way. It didn’t take long for them to find out a displacer beast lair was close by and they were ambushed by the beasts. The party fell to the beasts but were able to take out one in the process. Some time later Gauthuk awoke while Vystair was being eaten by the remaining beast. He was able to defeat the beast and return Vystairs pieces to Serelis. The ranger called upon the Emerald Enclave who returned Vystair to life now bonded to the Faction.

They continued their quest and found themselves at Greenhall an Elven settlement. After a tense standoff they were able to convey to the elves that there trespass was to stop a regional problem and the elves backed down. They had not seen any of the missing villagers. When the party took out Jenny’s Hairpin for information, the elves instantly went into a panic and told them to leave immediately out of pure fear for the hag.

After sometime they found the lair of the hag. She had apparently met with Halvin and didn’t agree with his ideas and killed him. She offered the adventurer’s some soup she had just made as they soon realized it was Soup de Halvin. Vystair went invisible while taking a walk and discovered a hidden cloak of displacement inside the cottage. Gauthuk began to talk to Jenny and eventually said the wrong thing and a fight broke out. The hag clearly was toying with them as she attacked and vanished several times tearing them apart slowly until they were able to escape out of her hidden sanctuary. Unfortunately the encounter sealed the fate of Phlan as the fey pact is now broken and they are on their own against the Cult of the Dragon.


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