Xanstin's Adventurers League


Outlaws of the Iron Route

DM: Brian
XP: 538 each
GP: 102 each
Renown: 1
Downtime: 10
Played: Mordreigh, Aldwin, Melech, Wysper
Treasure: Aldwin- Longbow +1

The Iron Route, an important trade road east of Phlan, is beset by competing bandits. An exiled Black Fist officer leads his band of mercenaries turned cloaked ruffians, while a mysterious dragonborn sorcerer commands screaming savages from the north. In this war for supremacy over the trade route, the beleaguered merchants are the victims, and Phlan suffers from a lack of important supplies. It’s up to adventurers to strike out and reopen this vital route to the town.

Conclusion: Summoned by House Cardona the party showed up in Podol Plaza to find a forming mob. It didn’t take long for violence to erupt. The party interceded and saved a merchant and his wagon from getting looted. The merchant was Brandon Yil, the same man who summoned them. He tasked them with putting a stop to the unrest on the trade roads and bring these brigands to justice. His only lead was a captured mercenary being held at Grimshackle Prison.

Once they arrived at the disheveled prison they bought there way in to meet the prisoner, Rathene Fel. She was beaten and battered and kept in less than favorable conditions which made it easy for the party to gain her trust. Shortly after they began talking to her a prison break occurred in which a giant Minotaur pirate captain escaped and hunted down one of the prison owners that was with the party. It resulted in a fierce battle in which Wysper almost died. After saving one of the brothers they demanded the release of the prisoner. While he went to discuss the events with his brother the party wasted no time and broke her out and escaped out a window with Mordreighs magic.

After providing the party with intel on the bandits party they arrived at King’s Pyre. The old statue of a long dead king was surrounded by two opposing factions which were using this site as a meeting place with the hopes of uniting to take on larger prey. They chose to assault the compound by sea and hid the boat out of sight, which allowed them to scale up a wall and deal with the camp ran by Sahnd Krulek. They dispatched most of the bandits to but were bested by a berserker by the name of Ruse. She single handedly dropped the party with the exception of Melech who surrendered and was knocked out.

They awoke in the cave leading to the sea, bound and gagged. The sounds of battle echoed from outside the cave, and the party decided to use it to their advantage. Once they escaped the cave they were ambushed by the attacking orc war party. They managed to take them out and climbed a zip line to investigate an elf firing arrows down into the fray. After leading him to believe they were there to help they murdered him and took his bow.

With a birds eye view now they were able to view the devastation. They saw below Krulek was engaged in battle with an armored orog which had already taken out the dragon born sorceress leading the Claws of Tiamat bandits. They bought some time and investigated a side cavern which was full of prisoners being held by Kobolds. While they watched, Krulek dispatched the orog and limped away injured. They began to fire from afar taking out the injured ex Black Fist Knight.

Shortly after they rescued the prisoners and returned to Phlan having taken care of the Outlaws on the Iron Route….well sort of.


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