Gold Dwarf Dawnbringer Level 9


Wears simple cloths with chainmail underneath. He always has his families warhammer hanging at his side and carries a strange shield covered in moving eyes.

Age: 75
Height: 4’2"
Weight: 150
Eyes: Black
Skin: Ruddy
Hair: Red

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Emrich left the great rift at a young age drawn by the light of the outside world. He spent most of his young adulthood around humans and eventually found a home in Phlan as a scribe at Mantor’s Library. For years he studied and learned about Lathander pouring through the various books around him. His crowning achievement was when the church accepted him and he became one of Lathanders dawnbringers.

Unfortunately his happiness was short lived as the Maimed Virulence Vorgantharax besieged Phlan with the aid of the cult of the dragon. Emrich survived the initial assault and fled from the city in a boat headed for Mulmaster.

He has made his way around Mulmaster doing odd jobs here and there leaving his life of a scribe behind and embracing his faith to keep him grounded in this time of grief.


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