Kohl Ziaset

Fire Genasi Evoker Wizard Acolyte, Level 3


Short and stocky, this Genasi moves with an awkward shuffle. His round belly hangs over his thick leather belt. He wears dark red vestments, with the bright twining red flames stitched into them in several places, the largest over his heart. The same symbol hangs from his neck, the symbol and chain made of copper. His features are harsh, his fire like hair forming a mohawk normally, but covers his whole head when channeling evocation energies.

Gender: Male
Age: 33
Height: 5’ 7’’
Weight: 195 lbs


Since he was an infant, this Fire Genasi was told the tales of the great Kossuth and the pure and unbridled power of fire. Fire quickly became his favorite thing and the fact that he could produce it from such a young age, only fueled the flames of his obsession. His mother passed a few short years after he reached adulthood himself. When she was gone, Kohl felt it was time to set out on his own, and so he sought out a temple of Kossuth. He applied to be an initiate, his goal to become a servant of Kossuth to unlock the true potential of fire, as he saw it.

The trials were difficult, and though he wasn’t particularly strong or quick, he could run for days and could take a beating without going down. This served him well and he was admitted into the Priesthood as an acolyte of the Tendrils, the priestly order of the church, that oversaw the temple. He learned a great deal about divine magic in his studies there, but the gift never came. Despite this, he managed to rise through the ranks of the Priesthood, climbing several terraces in their hierarchy.

The lack of magic frustrated Kohl immensely, and so in secret, he smuggled a tutor into the temple to teach him arcane magic. The desire for power and control over the flame lead him to arcane magic and it was also his down fall.

Rumors began to spread that he had turned to the arcane over the divine. He had no desire to travel and preferred to study, eat and drink, he was quite comfortable in the temple, having risen the terraces to an affluent position. His peers knew this and so rather then continue to compete with him, they forced the faction of the Burning Braziers to take him. He was to be a missionary, spreading the word of the church and doing what he can to further their aims.

Kohl Ziaset

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