Kohl Ziaset

Tiefling Necromancer Wizard Acolyte Far Traveller, Level 3


Razor thin, the man before you bears obvious infernal heritage. Two horns protrude gracefully from his forehead, long silken black hair falls behind them. His skin is a dark red, almost black, and he moves with a confident gait. His soft facial features are objectively attractive, his eyes smoldering and red. Though his features are fair, his voice is harsh and rough. He wears foreign clothes, the black and red trimmed silks made for the deserts of Mulhorandi. He wears an amulet in the shape of a viper’s head, an arcane crystal sits within the amulet, shining from within it’s eyes and mouth. He also carries a tome with a similar symbol upon it, though the tome’s symbol is far more elaborate. His pack carries other tomes as well, a writing kit hanging beneath it. A dagger is sheathed at his hip opposite a scroll case made of bone, both hang from a thin leather belt.

Gender: Male
Age: 33
Height: 5’ 8’’
Weight: 154 lbs


He was born among the servants of a noble house. He spent his youth serving, but he loved to read from an early age. The stories of the gods were all the servants had, so he devoured them all. He became enamored with the gods and their mysteries. His youth was a time of joy, as he grew into adolescence, he found romance came easily, and he found many partners among the other servants. His joyous youth would not last forever, and when it ended, it ended bloody.

In Mulhorandi, the schemes of the noblemen lead to blood oft as not. One night, the house was burned to the ground by a rival house, after many of those within were murdered. He was off with a local tavern girl and when he came back the next morning, he found everyone he knew was dead. From then on, he became obsessed with solving the mysteries of death as well. The first place he sought was the church. The god of death was not widely accepted, but was worshiped in private circles. He found that a group of scholars at the arcane college were the leaders among the worshipers in the city, and so he began attending the school.

It was not simple to join, but he had made a number of well positioned friends, in his search for the worshipers of Set. They helped him secure the funds to pay for the education, something he took to naturally. As he sought out the worshipers of Set at the college, he grew into a talented novice Wizard.

It wasn’t long before the older scholars grew resentful of the young tiefling. He had such an easy way with words and others. It took a long time, before they pushed him out, but eventually, they got him exiled from city and school, effectively cutting him off from the religious group he had formed. Left with few options, he ventured out, seeking to learn more of the world and of the gods and death.

Kohl Ziaset

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