Tyrr'drin Illistyn

Drow Arcane Trickster (7) Dragon Sorcerer (5) Fiend Warlock (3) Charlatan Far Traveler, Level 15


Gender: Male
Age: 82
Height: 5’ 0’’
Weight: 86 lbs.

A slight and wiry build, the elf stands at around five feet and moves with a swagger of confidence. His full and untamed hair hangs down to his shoulders, the ivory locks peeking out of the cowl he wears low over his face. Lank and lean but relatively muscular for his size, he has a natural athleticism to his movements. He wears a long cape is made of light-grey silk trimmed in coarse, black fur. Although it is obviously of high quality, it appears tattered and worn. He wears a thick wolfskin cowl, the inside lined with silk, concealing his sharp features. Long necked and thin faced, his skin is dark and ruddy, his large deep-set eyes, a bright violet. His piercing gaze is constantly watching his surroundings carefully, while his thin lips curl in a cruel sneer that seems to never fade from his face. His attire is clearly well made, his style relaxed yet polished. He wears a dark violet silk shirt, it's deep neck left slightly open to reveal his smooth chest beneath. Over the shirt, he wears a vest of black spider-skin leather, it's silver buttons chased with intricate designs of spiders and their webs. A well made bandoleer holds several vials and a pouch, the dark leather crossing his chest below the open shirt. He wears supple spider-skin leather trousers and a thick belt with a simple silver buckle rests low on his hips, just below a smaller one that holds a small pouch. A curved and serrated steel dagger rests in the sheath hanging from the thicker belt, resting high on his hip. Supple, knee high leather boots adorn his feet, silver studs running down their center. His gloves are of a similar fashion, silver studs and all, though he wears a good deal of leather, he seems to wear no armor, as he lacks any hardened or boiled leather, and the studs of his boots and gloves are purely decorative. Hanging from the back of his belt is a length of hollow steel with gears and levers that allow it to unfold into a hand crossbow. A case of black fletched quarrels rests behind the dagger at his hip, the case angled and flapped to keep the crossbow bolts from falling free on their own. He speaks with honeyed words, his silvery voice easy to listen to and hard to disbelieve.


Born in the Underdark, he was raised among the Lolthite faithful. He was a sharp tongued scoundrel from the day he could talk, always resisting the traditions and customs of his family and the Lolthite Drow. Being the youngest of six children, he was able to get away with a great deal more, as the elders were more focused on his four sisters and older brother, though he wasn’t always able to avoid catching their ire. His siblings were all skilled warriors and faithfully devout to Lolth, they taught Tyrr’drin a great many lessons, though rarely the lesson they intended. With each one, Tyrr’drin became more and more sure, that Lolth and her faithful were not his true people. He longed to see the world beyond the long dark, he wanted to live in a world where male and female were equal, he longed for freedom from the tyrannical rule of the Drow. He knew his family would never accept that, they were minor nobles, but still a noble house. They would be furious to learn one of their member had disappeared into the darkness of the tunnels, and the other houses would see this as weakness, a noble family unable to keep their sons in line.

He spent several years developing relationships with every mercenary company that passed through the city that also traveled to the surface, waiting for his opportunity to escape. After living below the surface for over six decades, Tyrr’drin finally managed to escape the tyranny of the Underdark. With the help of a mercenary company heavily involved with the Vhaerunites, he slipped from the city of his birth, and ventured with them for years, travelling through the Underdark as they rose, seeing many other cities before they finally made their way to the surface world. There, Tyrr’drin was put in contact with a large group of Vhaerunites, and he quickly developed a false identity that would allow him to more easily interact with the people of the surface world, all of whom did not trust dark elves. Disguised as a Half-elf (with only a touch of dark elf blood) he could easily move through the cities of the surface. The Vhaerunites also helped him develop contacts as well, as they had many opportunities for a skilled Drow like Tyrr’drin. Before long Tyrr’drin was working with the Zhentarim as well, stealing information or goods for them. As his reputation with them grew, they sent him to the Moonsea to work for them there. The Vhaerunites had few contacts in the area, so Tyrr’drin’s task was two-fold, develop allies in the area for both the Vhaerunites and the Zhentarim.

Tyrr'drin Illistyn

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