Hillsfar is a powerful city-state reportedly led by a contentious senate of wealthy merchant-nobles and important guildmasters, but actually dominated by its First Lord. Located on the southern coast of the Moonsea, the city is heavily involved with trade in the region, acting as a hub for cities and settlements in the surrounding area. A person from Hillsfar is known as a Hillfarian.

Hillsfar was once under the extended rule of the Elven Court but in 1357 DR the wizard Maalthiir overthrew their representatives using blackmail and fear of violence. He then declared himself the First Lord, a position with absolute military power, which he retained through the violent mercenary group known as the Red Plumes.

The city is protected by a strong mages’ guild and a well-paid standing army known as the Tower Guard, so-named for the First Lord’s Tower, the citadel of Hillsfar.

The First Lord of Hillsfar is chosen every seven years by its membership. Torin Nomerthal, head of powerful family was (and may still be) First Lord for over 20 years, since he was installed in approx. 1461 DR. His genial appearance hides a sharp mind that easily dominates the squabbling senate.


Raw ores, uncut gems, untreated furs, grain


Fine cloth, faceted gems, fine furs, dragon’s breath (brandy-like liquor distilled only at Hillsfar)


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