Ravenloft Special Rules

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Death in Raveloft
Magic in Ravenloft

Fighting Alone

Strahd has taken great care to control the growth of powerful organizations in his realm. As of the current day, the Harpers, the Lord’s Alliance, the Zhentarim, the Order of the Gauntlet, and the Emerald Enclave are nothing more than rumors among the villagers of Barovia.

Sunlight in Barovia

By the will of the Dark Powers, the sun never fully shines in the lands of Barovia. Even during the day, the sky is dimmed by fog or storm clouds, or the light is strangely muted. Barovian daylight is bright light, yet it isn’t considered sunlight for the purpose of e ects and vulnerabilities, such as a vampire’s, tied to sunlight. Nevertheless, Strahd and his vampire spawn tend to stay indoors most of the day and venture out at night, and they are subject to sunlight created by magic.

Advancement Limitation

Once characters enter Barovia by playing the launch event adventure Death House, DDAL4-01: Suits of the Mists, or the hardback Curse of Strahd adventure, they cannot return to Faerûn. As long as they are trapped in Strahd’s realm, characters cannot participate in any adventure or event that takes place outside Barovia.

Ravenloft Special Rules

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